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Bawa's Education

$1347.38 of $1347.38 raised

Help Bawa Sudeis get the education he deserves.

Putting music out into the void of cyberspace and pressing daily just to be heard results in attention from places all over the world. Messages vary in language and content, from the German guy who wants to use my music in his next film to the slick Vietnamese girl low-key trying to get an American visa lol. I almost always respond to everyone because it's way too interesting to see how people around the world respond to my music, which is exactly how I met Bawa.


One day about one month ago, I was clicking through friend requests and came across this kid from Ghana who had previously added another rapper I know from indianapolis on Facebook. I decided to accept the request which was followed within five minutes by a message that simply said "hi." 

I entertained the conversation skeptically, thinking back on VICE news coverage of "Ghana: the city of internet scams,"  and figured the almighty powers of 'Sakawa' were about to run through my life like a train derailed. But, the more we talked the more I realized this kid was just looking to greener pastures and trying to learn more about music, the world, education, and foreign cultures. He openly disapproved of the Sakawa culture and had a perspective of brotherhood internationally.  


We carried on chatting over the next few days and I was learning a lot about Bawa, but still very much keeping in mind that this could be some kind of trickery in the works. I reviewed his Facebook profile and saw that he was applying for scholarships via "repost this video and like our page for a chance to win"  -type-deals. He was actively seeking to improve himself and his education and I was taking note. 

After a few days of talking he finally went for it and asked me for help. I told him that I couldn't do much, but as a teacher I had helped my students in the past with their scholarship applications and study abroad opportunities. So I could adopt him as one my students and help out with finding and applying for scholarships. I found a few scholarships that Bawa was mildly eligible for, there weren't many trust me, and put him to work on writing essays. 

At the time Bawa was working on his final exams in school and was really busy, but he still found time to write the essays and he showed me his willingness to work and strive for success quickly. I started to feel a lot more reassured about Bawa after I read his essays and I kept looking for more opportunities to apply for, but it wasn't working out like I wanted it to and the idea of helping him to fund his education started looking more and more bleak.

Scholarships target students quite specifically and Bawa just wasn't in the eligibility bracket for most of the offers. 

I got a bit disheartened by it all and then thought: "you know what, I can do this on my own." Cal Cares was born and now I have a little piece of the internet where  you can find some little projects to make a big difference in peoples lives. 

With this campaign we are aiming to help Bawa receive a quality Education from the Tamale University of Development Studies (

The fees to do so are as follows*

Undergraduate Application: GHC180.00 - USD$40

First Semester: GHC1,656.00 - USD$371.01

Second Semester: GHC1,656.00 - USD$371.01

Third Semester: GHC1,330.00 - USD$297.97

Fourth Semester: GHC1,100.00 - USD$246.44

SRC Fee: GHC92.00 - USD$20.61

Total: GHC6014.00 - USD$1347.38

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