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There are three easy ways to support art, creativity, and education

PATREON: a subscription service for a monthly donation of a few dollars. 

GOFUNDME: a crowdfunding service that keeps a large percentage of your donation for themselves

PAYPAL: donations dropped directly into the cal combs business account; a small interest charge is withheld by the company 

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Make a donation through the Paypal button

Independently producing and distributing music, clothing, and apparel is a daunting and expensive task. Fighting against social media algorithms and the pay-to-play music industry leaves thousands of artists unheard, unseen, and eventually broke. Make a donation today to keep the music and products rolling in from Cal Combs. Your donations mean the world to me and I promise I will never forget those of you who choose to support my cause. A donation through the button ensures I receive the full amount whereas gofundme takes a percentage of your donation.

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