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I found my true purpose when I became a teacher. I had put myself on the frontline of influence for the future and realized that things were no longer about providing just music anymore; hope, inspiration, and opportunity were just ideals of the lyrics I was writing, but with the love and support of fans like you, we are finally able to start giving back and making realistic and lasting changes in the world. Welcome to CAL CARES.

Our Mission


​I am a disappointed idealist. Anyone who knows me has, at one point, listened to me lament about how we could all just come together and make the world a better place or something like that (my apologies to those who have had to sit through that in the past). I had largely spent my college years blaming - "ahh the president has ruined everything - capitalism is the root of all evil! - why can't we all just get along - blah blah blah. I was consistently blaming other things for the problems in the world and waiting for the people in positions of power to make the changes we need. ​But what was I doing to take responsibility for the problems that were keeping me up every night? 


I was working three jobs and going to school full time and it made me complacent. I was thousands of dollars in student loan debt and the timing just wasn't right for big charitable moves just yet. I knew I had to get myself established first; and that the more established I became the more I would be able to give back - hence why I am always blowing up newsfeeds with promotional efforts. 

​With Cal Cares the mission is simple. Give back in anyway that I can to the causes that are within my reach. ​With most charities there are very big and well grounded non-profit organizations pulling the strings, paying for marketing, dealing with big scary logistics,  taking some off the top to pay the CEO and staff and so on. It has become such a lucrative industry that you have to do a lot of research before making donations anymore. I won't make any elaborate claim here, but it is important to take note of the  cyclical nature of charity in many cases where money churns like thousands of olives and only produces one fluid ounce of olive oil. Cal Cares aims to impact the things that are so close to me and my community that direct results are the only result. 

How It Works

How It Works

​I won't make any promises about changing the economic stability of a far off village in Africa or putting a stop to world hunger, but I can help you go to school, or help ease the fiscal stress of losing a home after a fire. 

The point is that this is a community of helping hands that make a change for the things than happen right in front of us.

​Being charitable these days typically consists of a small payment taken out of your paycheck every month which is then donated and gone and you've done your part. That is great! But the focus here is hope. I believe that by making donations to the causes that are within our reach and relevant to our specific place in the world will lead to outstanding improvement in our communities and create an outstanding feeling of hope and achievement that we so desperately need in these hard times. 

First and foremost, campaign requests can be made using the contact form on this page. Then, each campaign that we take on is reviewed in detail. I evaluate the need of every campaign and I do not accept everything that hits the inbox. Sometimes the review process can take months as I pick through the request and make sure helping is a necessary option. If at first we deny your request, you may make another request in the following year. 

​After a campaign is accepted, we will create meaningful content to help spread the word. This includes creating videos, text, donator rewards and other things like that which can be seen below. I will do my best to help with content creation, so don't be discouraged if you don't know your way around video editing software. 

​The campaign begins and we start sharing and promoting the effort. I am starting this now because I firmly believe in the expansion of my brand and see that the more successful I become the more impact I can make.


5% of everything I make within one month from my music career is donated to all current campaigns involved below. The payments are distributed evenly across the board.


Lastly , in order to provide the best service that I can, for each donation there is a fee of $1 plus 5% collected for payment processing and promotion (ex. for a $25 donation $2.25 will be collected for Cal Cares) 

Thanks! Message sent.

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