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This new product is from a different planet all together! 


Get my latest album "Carmel" in its entirety on this sleek, all-alloy credit card sized USB device. 


Plug it into your computer to add all of the songs and cover art to your favorite music service provider like itunes or plug it straight into a usb slot available in your car's stereo system, this is the future of music! 


And here is the best part: after you have exported the album to your itunes library and saved the files to your computer's harddrive, you can reuuse this awesome 2GB USB card for whatever in life you may need it for!  


Drop your latest homework assignment on there and slide the card into your wallet or purse for access in your next class. Show off your awesome space-age tech and impress your friends with your support of local music! 




Includes .wav files of all 16 tracks from "Carmel" and one .jpg of the cover art. 

"Carmel" on alloy USB from space.

  • All sales are final, but if for any reason you wish to return a product, please contact us at Describe your reason for requesting a return and we will take care of the rest! 

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